How to use

Why use worm castings?

Organic Worm Castings are excellent for plants. They contain all the essential nutrients, microorganisms and enzymes that plants need in addition to enriching the soil. Worm castings extract toxins, harmful fungi, and bacteria from the soil making your plants more disease resistant. This odorless natural fertilizer can be used on nearly any type of plant without burning them. Worm castings can be applied as a top dressing, side dressing or worked into the soil. It’s an excellent choice for all plants, including houseplants, flowers, vegetables, and more! 

How to Make a Biologically Rich Compost Tea with Rebels Haven Organics Worm Castings:

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with non-chlorinated water.

  2. Add 1-2 cups of Rebels Haven Organics Worm Castings to the bucket.

  3. Optional: Add additional ingredients such as Molasses, Sea-90, Kelp meal, or other organic amendments.

  4. Add and air pump with an air stone to the bucket.

  5. Allow the mixture to brew for 24-48 hours, checking occasionally.

  6. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh bag or cheesecloth, and discard any solids.

  7. Dilute the tea with water at a ratio of 1:10 (1 part tea to 10 parts water).

  8. Apply the tea to your plants or soil, making sure to water thoroughly.

Benefits of Vermicompost Tea:

  • Provides essential nutrients for plants
  • Promotes healthy soil microbial activity
  • Increases plant growth and yields
  • Improves soil structure and water retention
  • Reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Thank you for choosing Rebels Haven Organics Worm Castings for your gardening needs. We are proud to offer sustainable and eco-friendly products that support healthy plant growth and soil ecosystems. 

Our Enchanted Worm Brew is a highly concentrated garden and lawn solution that conditions the topsoil to promote healthy plant growth. It has vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria, yeasts and fungi that are essential for the soil and plants. 

Enchanted Worm Brew

(1-Gallon concentrate = 350+ gallons of enriched water) *3 tsp per gallon.

Our proven formula suspends bacteria for maximum effectiveness. Use this advanced formula every time you water during the lifecycle of your plants.


Directions are the same for all growth stages.

Daily Watering or foliar spray : 1-3 tsp/5-15 ml per gallon 

Soil Drench: 1-4 oz per gallon of water

Compost Starter: 8 oz per gallon of water.

If applying to a hydroponic system, we recommend adding 1-2 day prior to your reservoir changes to prevent biological buildup in your system.

Numerous species of microorganisms are in our worm products including but not limited to: 

Cytobacillus spp.'s (used to protect the root zone)

 Aneurinibacillus spp.'s (used to solubilize phosphates, increase plant biomass, increase nutrient uptake and sterilize soil) 

Lactococcus spp.'s (used to bring usable nitrogen to the plant and sterilize soil) 

Clostridium spp.'s (used to increase plant biomass and root size)

 Lactobacillus spp.'s (used to sterilize and remove byproducts from soil) 

Bacillus spp.'s (used to protect root systems and increase nutrient uptake) 

Streptomyces spp.'s (used to mobilize nutrients and defend against abiotic and biotic stress) 

Mesorhizobium spp.'s (used to bring usable nitrogen to the plant)

These few plus many more beneficial microbes are in all of our Worm Products. 

We formulated our Enchanted Worm Brew for organic production with 100% natural ingredients. We start with earthworm castings. Vitamins and minerals are added. It then undergoes a natural brewing process to retain its nutrients. We then add suspending microbes to help keep the beneficial bacteria alive. 

Boost your soil and plants' nutrient feeding by combining Rebels Haven Organics Enchanted Worm Brew with your fertilizer. 

Rebels Haven Organics is a USA based company located in Wasilla, Alaska. All of Rebels Haven Organics products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rebels Haven Organics will work hard to deliver top-quality Living Soils and Worm Products to keep your home, lawn and gardens, green and safe.

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