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Hortibest LED 720w

Hortibest LED 720w

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With a compact design and efficient driver, the Octopus-H series can cover all growing stages including seedling, genetics, propagation, vegetation and flowering.

Patented built-in driver design makes this model a true plug and play in the market.

Both commercial and individual growers can find corresponding accessories to achieve their cultivation goal. A Hortibest dimming controller or master controller is also available for this model.

Unique Design for Commercial Project

The built-in driver and compact design of  the Octopus-H8 make it most effective in indoor planting environments. Power and dimming daisy chain module saves your trouble on installation and group control.

Multi-Layer Planting

To maximize the use of limited space, more and more commercial growers have began to choose multi-layer planting systems. A compact design of lighting fixture like Octopus-H8 is the best choice for these applications.

Cannabis Growing

The cannabis industry is becoming more professional as medical and recreational cannabis becomes more widespread. A professional illumination solution will help with higher quality and yields.

Indoor Cultivation

Octopus-H8 equipped with full spectrum FSG and FSM which can cover the full life cycle of most vegetables and cannabis. It is a perfect sole light source for indoor environments with a dimming function to achieve different light density at different growth stages.


Worm Castings, Sea-90, EM-1, amd other natural ingredients.

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